At Tejas Publishing, we pride ourselves in the quality of books that we publish. Just ask Tweed Scott and Steve Gore, Tejas Publishing partners, they will tell you all about how great every one of their books are!

But seriously folks, we started this partnership to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between the author and publisher. With a lot of patience, persistence, determination, and a little good fortune we have found the opportunity to join our forces, resources and talents to promote both our love of Texas and our love of reading in a business that we plan on steadily growing.

Please ride along with us as we make our mark in this Great Big State of Texas!

 Books available:​​

Texas in Her Own Words (Second Edition)
Is a delightful glimpse into the Texas psyche, and an explanation of the rugged individualism and unbending spirit still alive in the Love Star State. Texans tell why they are the way they are, why Texas is a land of second chances, and why neighbors still help each other.

Texas in Her Own Wordsis a collection of interviews with people from all walks of life - famous, not famous, blue collar, white collar, natives and transplants - all expressing, in their own way, what makes Texas special and what it means to be a Texan. Photos that capture the essence of the land that was once a Republic are sprinkled throughout with factoids and history that reads like a romance.

You will also learn things you never knew about Texas and gain an insight into the origin of the Texas image and Texan attitude.

Here is an alphabetical list of the interviews:

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Goetzmann Ph.D, William
Graves, Curtis
Grubb, Vivian Bloys
Guerra, Sarah
Harris, Mike
Harvell, Linda

Harvell, Linda
Henson, Rick
Higginbotham, Robert
Howard, Larry
Hutton, Paul Andrew
Jernigan, Jerry
Kelso, John
Kersch, Steve
​Kuykendall, Marshall

Lacy, David

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Leftwich, William James "Bill"
Lynch, Clint

Matlka, Jutta
McClure, Tim
Moore, Roger
Moreland, Doug
Mueller, Marge
Murrell, Olin
Nelson, Willie
Patton, Reagan
Phillips, Claude
Pilot, Dave

Richardson, Joel
Roberts, Bill
Rose, Doug Raymond
Royal, Darrell K

Anonymous, Ms.
Ballesteros, Adan
Biggers, Tommy
Bobney, Biff
Boothe, Terry
Boyd, Bobby & Poodie Locke
Carpenter, Liz
Carroll, Jeff
Clark, Capt. Clarence
Clay, David
Cole, Bob
Eslinger, John "J.C."
Ferguson, James
Flatau, Susie Kelly
Fromholz, Steve
Garrett, Lee Roy

Rylander, Scott

Schley, Buddy
Schreiner IV, Charles
Stewart, David
Taylor III, Sherman
Taylor, Don
Triplett, Ph.D, Jan
Voigtel, Carol
Watson, Don
Werst, David
White, James M
Yates, Charlie
Yurick, Joe